Councilman Gavin S. Griffin

Meet Gavin

A graduate of the Titusville High School class of 2022, Gavin has spent his entire life in the Titusville area. After serving a term as Titusville's first Junior City Councilman, Gavin won a seat on City Council in 2023 and is currently serving a two-year term. Gavin is a dedicated member of the Titusville community and enjoys spending time with his dogs, his family, and his friends. 

Gavin is proud to serve the City of Titusville as the youngest Councilman ever elected. He is dedicated to engaging our youth, supporting our community, and making Titusville a better place.

Join the

Titusville Youth Corps

The Titusville Youth Corps is an ambitious new program designed to connect students with the pressing needs of our community through public service. Selected applicants will be assigned a service placement based on their expressed areas of interest, working alongside City officials and local non-governmental organizations. As a result, these passionate and talented young people will be connected to the areas that need their skills the most.

This summer program offers students the opportunity to work alongside community leaders and become acquainted with how local government works, giving them the chance to learn valuable skills and provide their input and service on a range of issues currently facing our City. This offers a mutually beneficial relationship between students and the City by allowing local officials to serve as mentors to the students who will one day become leaders within our community. 

The City of Titusville believes that cooperation between youth, government, and the community is crucial in building a brighter and more prosperous future for all. Therefore, the City of Titusville is looking for passionate and dedicated students in the Titusville Area School District who would like to serve this summer in the Youth Corps.


"Students and young people are our future - and we've got to make an effort to include them in all the decisions that will shape their lives and the lives of generations to come."

"Why a new generation of Americans must answer the call of public service"

By Gavin S. Griffin, Hometown guest columnist

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