Where Gavin Stands on the Issues that matter most

Aid Disadvantaged Communities

Senior Citizens, children, those with disabilities, and all those who struggle to make ends meet within our community deserve a government that works for them. At a local level, this means connecting people to the resources they need, advocating on their behalf, and providing support to local non-profit organizations that help our most disadvantaged residents. 

Pictured is Grace Canady, my dear friend and a dedicated member of the Titusville Community. (2023) 

Older Adults & Senior Citizens

As Councilman, Gavin plans to create a new committee of the City of Titusville to focus on the issues that face older adults in our region. The sole purpose of this committee would be to research and investigate aging issues and make policy referrals to City Council to address them. This work is crucial, as planning for a growing population of older adults in the years to come is necessary across a broad range of policy areas including health, housing, transportation, financial security, labor and workforce, and protections for older adults.

Engage our Youth

While serving as Junior Councilman, Gavin established the first "Student Input Committee," a link between the City and the students at Titusville High School. This initiative proved extremely successful and has continued to this day. For Gavin, more youth engagement is the key to making Titusville a place where more young people will want to stay.

Improve Infrastructure

As Junior Councilman, Gavin worked tirelessly to address the issue of poor sidewalks in the City. Ultimately, he was able to help establish a brand-new program for aiding homeowners with their costly sidewalk repairs, and convinced Council to allocate $30,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for sidewalk repair.   As Councilman, he would continue to push for infrastructure improvement throughout the city.

Aid Small Businesses

Having worked at several local small businesses throughout High School, Gavin has seen firsthand the struggles of operating a small business. He also knows the many positive economic and cultural impacts that can be made by allowing local shops and restaurants to flourish, and would actively work to aid small businesses within the city.

Support Our Fire & Police Departments

The grandson of a former Titusville firefighter, Gavin has a deep respect for the work of our first responders. He believes that we must have the backs of our Fire and Police departments, just as they've had ours. This includes proper staffing, equipment, and resources, as well as connecting our first responders to the people of the community they serve in a broad array of meaningful ways.

Youth Crime & Juvenile Delinquency

Gavin is pushing for the creation of a new City Commission on Youth Crime and Juvenile Delinquency. The focus of this Commission would be to address the four central parts of Juvenile Justice: risk factors, offenses, interventions, and the long-term effects that interactions with the justice system have on the lives of young people.

 The Commission would be tasked with compiling data, conducting research, developing programs and policies, and making referrals to the City Council to better address this pressing issue. Ideally, its membership would include law enforcement officers, administrative staff of the Titusville Area School District, representatives from social services agencies that provide services for our youth, and one member of City Council to act as a liaison.

Support Labor

Organized labor is the backbone of our economy. From our City's Fire, Police, and Public Works departments to the area businesses that rely on organized laborers, Unions ensure fair pay, safer conditions, and proper benefits for workers. Gavin respects and supports the union way of life, and will always keep the priorities of Titusville's hard-working men and women top of mind.